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Nylon Morphological Structure

Using melt spinning method of polyamide observed in microscope morphological structure with circular cross section and no special longitudinal structure. That can be observed under the electron microscope filamentous fibrillar organization, polyamide 66 fibrillar wide about 10 to 15 nm. Such as profiled spinneret, can be made into various special cross section shape of polyamide fiber, such as polygon, leaf shape, such as hollow profiled. It focus on state structure and spinning process of stretching and heat treatment have a close relationship. Different nylon macromolecular main chain are composed of carbon and nitrogen atoms are linked together.

Profiled fiber can change the elastic fiber, make fiber with special luster and bulk, and improve the well performance of fiber and coverage, and resistance to pilling and reduce electrostatic properties. Such as triangle fiber have flash effect; Five leaf fiber ?

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