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The Purpose Of The Nylon

Polyamide is mainly used in synthetic fibre, the most outstanding advantage is wear resistance is higher than all the other fiber, 10 times higher than the cotton resistance to wear and 20 times higher than wool, somewhat to join in the blended fabric polyamide fiber, can greatly improve the wear resistance; When stretch up to 3-6%, the elastic recovery rate is 100%; Can withstand hundreds of thousands of times fold scratching without fracture. Polyamide fiber strength is higher than cotton 1-2 times, 4 to 5 times higher than wool, 3 times that of viscose fiber. But the polyamide fibre heat resistance and light fastness is poorer, retention is not beautiful, clothes made of dacron crisp. Used clothing of nylon - 66 and nylon - 6 is the poor hygroscopicity and dyeing of, therefore developed new varieties of polyamide fiber, nylon - 3 and a new type of polyamide fibre, polyamide - 4 has a qualitative ?

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