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  • Dope Dyed Polyester Thread

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    Dope Dyed Polyester Thread

    Dope Dyed Polyester Thread ◆ Feature: ● High Resistance to Abrasion ● Excellent Appearance ● Chemical Resistance ● Mini Skipped Stitches ● Excellent Color Fastness ● High Productivity ● Excellent Color Range ● Suitable for High Speed Sewing ◆ Classify & Usage:

  • Dope Dyed DTY

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    Dope Dyed DTY

    Our main stock as follow: DTY 150D/48F: 250 most popular colors as stock, including red, yellow, blue, green, brown, violet, black, white, grew, ect DTY 300D/96F: 150 most popular colors as stock, including white, red, yellow, blue, brown, violet, black, grew,etc...

  • Coats Sewing Thread

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    Coats Sewing Thread

    COATS SEWING THREAD This thread has been produced using specially spun yarn with high strength, low elongation, and low shrink ability. We use advanced production techniques to provide you with thread of superior quality that can be easily sewed and used for a wide range of...

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Zhejiang Anji Wangxiang Thread Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86-572-5057806
Address: Beishan Industrial Zone, Anji, Zhejiang, 313300, China
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